Our Flower Growing Philosophy 

At Mystical Gardens we make it our top priority to grow our beautiful specialty cut flowers in an environmentally responsible, sustainable manner. We routinely take into consideration how our practices affect the flora and fauna and wildlife around us. Simply, we choose not to use any chemicals or pesticides in the growing and care of our flowers. We believe in nurturing our plants from the ground up and in "feeding'“ our soil with compost, leaf mold,  and natural fertilizers such as fish emulsion and seaweeds. We not only safe guard the many pollinating and beneficial insects that call our gardens home by not using harmful chemicals, but delight at seeing them at work and living among our gorgeous blooms.


As consumers, most of us do not pause long enough to think about where the things we purchase on a day to day basis are sourced. Nor do we think about the seasonality of fruits and veggies and other farm raised goods when we purchase them, as they are usually available as a consumer year round. Think about a farm fresh tomato that you purchase at your local farmer’s market in season, and then imagine the tomato you purchase mid February from your local grocery store. Which one do you think you will remember biting into, which one do you actually enjoy eating? More and more people are embracing the farm to table movement, including top chefs who want the produce they cook with to compliment their culinary talents. Slowly this local movement is catching on in the floral industry, but much work still needs to be done spreading the word. Like the chef who wants to cook with in season, farm fresh produce, many floral designers have found the beauty and advantages in using local, in season, farm raised cut flowers.

When a bouquet is picked out and purchased at the grocery or big box store, it looks pretty enough, but it has spent days out of water during its thousand plus mile journey, usually a week or more. 80% of the flowers sold in big box grocery stores and thru online flower delivery services are imported, with the largest percentage coming from South American countries. These countries have much lower standards and regulations on agricultural use of chemicals, and many have poor working conditions for their workers, who are also making low wages. Exposure to these chemicals have led to many health issues for farm workers, and the use of pesticides and insecticides greatly effects the surrounding lands, causing desert/wasteland like conditions. When flowers are cut at a farm in South America, they are shipped in boxes, not water, as it takes up less space. Due to strict custom’s regulations and control of nonnative insects being introduced into the US, these flowers are treated with insecticides before entry. Not only are these flowers out of water for days at a time, covered in chemicals, but massive amounts of fossil fuels are being burned in their transportation and the amount of packaging used in the shipping of florals is just mind boggling. These environmental effects alone should be enough to make consumers stop and think before purchasing imported flowers.

So what is the alternative? Luckily small flower farms are slowly making a resurgence in our country. The mixed bouquet you purchase from a local farm not only has the freshest flowers you can find, usually picked within 24 hours of purchase, but they offer so much more variety, (imported flower bouquets only use blooms that can be shipped well), and they will last so much longer. Not only will you feel joy seeing a bouquet of beautiful fresh cut flowers in your home, but you have the piece of mind knowing you supported a farmer right in your own community, while helping fuel your local economy.